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Rules - Airsoft New Mexico

Forum Rules

  • Don't attack others


  • Careful with the language. Our communities average age has risen over the years, so more colorful language is being let through. (Border Line PG-13/R at the most) Please remember what ever you write here can be seen as representative of our community. Mods will edit posts they seem unsuitable for our community.

  • Our members do appreciate a little spell checking every now and then.

  • Don't call out others on their spelling skills. It's petty and pretty much trolling.

  • Careful with raising old threads from the dead. Be smart about it.

  • Don't talk back to the moderators. They are doing this job for free.

  • Bigotry, and racism are to be checked at the door.

  • Backup all political statements with sources. Including two non wikipedia sources that can be seen by our community as legitimate.

  • Do not spam threads. There is a retailer pitch forum for advertisements.

  • Get permission from an admin or mod before posting to the retailer pitch forum.

  • ANM reserves the right to change these rules at any time.

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