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Fri Nov 07 @ 5:00PM - 11:29PM
Hinkle Family Fun Center

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22:17-- molon labe: Any one up for a game in ruidoso let me know we have a game comibg soon need more players.
18:09-- mark808: People always show up in Hinkle and 007. They both usually have their own waivers.
16:03-- BullpupGuy91: Hey guys, I'm new to airsoft and was wondering if people are going to show up on hinkle and 007 this weekend, also wanted to know if i have to print n fill a form or something for either one, thanks.
12:23-- mark808: "We really enjoyed the airsoft crowd. Please join us again on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month for airsoft." Starts at 9:00am- 4:00pm
0:52-- blubbs2: So when are the games at 007?
21:21-- White_Skull: There is not OadFlats anymore, after the owner died they closed it down.
14:01-- Adam: I had anti spam features on high alert, so some forum posting may have been difficult. If anyone has had issues posting, try again now.
4:59-- RaspberryDonut: Are there any games at Oak Flats?
4:58-- RaspberryDonut: Hello Alex
20:17-- Sstorm00: Hey guys how do I post an Event I not able to get to the Forums
5:33-- White_Skull: Adam changed the site a while back
5:32-- White_Skull: Ok I'm going back to my SWTOR now
5:31-- White_Skull: Loser
5:31-- ABQA Alex K.: Hmmmm... Been a while
3:12-- Sandman: Hay guys why don't we have a fundraiser like a marathon to raise money for airsoft and we could put that money torda opening are own airsoft field her in Albuquerque
22:20-- EndExMilSim: Hello everyone. I joined to post about an event in Oklahoma but finding myself unable to post due to the captcha hiding behind the forum's banner. Is there a work around to this?
2:25-- alexx117: Is there a rps limit our here?
19:55-- casadilla: Hey is anyone going to the Hinkle arena?
19:30-- Sstorm00: there is always a good amount of people there so no worries
18:50-- VoidKaos: Anyone going to Hinkle today?
17:05-- White_Skull: Ban ban ban ban bannnnn
14:28-- Sstorm00: 007 Airsoft support game is this Saturday. There will be a raffle for guns and gear.
0:11-- Sea4Airsoft: Hey guys I am just wondering if anyone would like to check out my youtube channel its Sea4Airsoft thanks!
17:15-- Adam: No go on the mesh goggles. Mesh face protection is fine.
2:08-- Krevs: if yes, what about full face mesh masks??
2:07-- Krevs: are mesh goggles allowed to use??
21:54-- airsoftwarrior10: hey just wondering if there going to be people at hinkle today even tho its the forth
14:14-- Lancelotofcamelot: kk thx
14:08-- Scooter: Yes, Lance, mesh face mask is good. Your velocity is also good, we require <450 fps with 0.20 gram bbs.
19:07-- Lancelotofcamelot: is 354fps with 25g ok
19:06-- Lancelotofcamelot: so mesh facemask is ok
19:06-- Lancelotofcamelot: im going to L.A. for the game!
18:37-- Scooter: Hey fish, more info is available on the Facebook page for Los Alamos Airsoft. You need eye protection, plus lower face protection is under 18. No gear rentals are available. If you are late at Smith's, and don't let us know you are coming, we may be at the field, but Google Maps will get you there no problem.
5:54-- Adam: Fried, welcome to the site.
5:54-- Adam: Void, Karma is just a forum feature. Nothing special. Welcome to the site.
4:25-- VoidKaos: Hey, just registered but there is "Karma" What is that?

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