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21:51-- Guest_8685: «link»
20:23-- Guest_5595: Maintain the great job and generating the crowd!

22:52-- Guest_5942: «link»
21:23-- Guest_2218: «link»
21:22-- Guest_6884: «link»
19:47-- Guest_2877: «link» life insurance
2:46-- Guest_9884: «link»
4:48-- White_Skull: damn I was out of the house and I missed it haha damn you Adam
22:05-- Adam: Hello New Mexico Airsofter. Image approved.
0:40-- Swagy_Chicago_Kid: I was wondering where people are playing airsoft now a days.
11:03-- White_Skull: Nothing last forever.
3:45-- Scearmer: My friend and I both have AEGs and would like to find a team (Or people to join ours) to play airsoft. My friend and I are both 14 but we are not the whiny/annoying type of kids. We live in Enchanted Hills and usually play the sport with each other in the nearby boonies.
0:33-- RaspberryDonut: Anybody home?
1:18-- Lancelotofcamelot: So Hinkle is down for the count? that is disappointing. 007 still hosts games on the first and third Saturdays of each month, right?
2:15-- RaspberryDonut: Where are people playing airsoft around Albuquerque these days?
23:13-- blubbs2: Man it feels good to get back into it today was awesome, thanks to everyone who made this a great day
12:52-- Adam: When it comes to Airsoft guns, please pretend you live in California when handling them around the public. And don't bring them to an elementary school. This is the kind of stuff that brings the whole community down. «link»
23:26-- White_Skull: This place is way too chatty.
22:34-- Adam: Also, your initial post is approved
16:52-- Adam: Redbeard, Image approved.
0:12-- Mechanic93: Los Alamos Airsoft is hosting a game on March 28th. We're meeting at 610 central ave, Los Alamos at 11:00, for more details check out los alamos airsoft or albuquerque airsoft on facebook
15:23-- Milk: Nice
1:29-- blubbs2: When is 007?
20:54-- Adam: To the user that posted the religious message in the forums, it is not approved. Plus you copy pasted it from somewhere else. This is an airsoft site. If you wish to discuss this issue with me, message me. There are seriously better places on the internet to promulgate religious ideas.
20:42-- Adam: So i should remove Hinkle from the events?
17:04-- Kyle: Are we ever going to do hinkle again? We went last night to ask them and they said probably not.
4:37-- Krevs: Would it be ok to use a co2 revolver with .43g or heavier bbs if the fps ends up being 350 fps or less?
3:36-- blubbs2: Thank you!
3:35-- blubbs2: sorry :( but can you approve my profile picture?
3:32-- White_Skull: Bleh
3:17-- blubbs2: Oh nevermind I've never seen that button before
3:13-- blubbs2: What is "Thank you received"?
0:20-- Adam: approved
22:24-- Krevs: any moderators to chck my post??
1:03-- White_Skull: O.O
1:02-- White_Skull: Is it just me or does the timestamp thing look like GMT?!?

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