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Airsoft New Mexico

Upcoming Events

Fri Jun 26 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Project Desert Thunder
Sat Jun 27 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Project Desert Thunder
Sun Jun 28 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Project Desert Thunder

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22:34-- Adam: Also, your initial post is approved
16:52-- Adam: Redbeard, Image approved.
0:12-- Mechanic93: Los Alamos Airsoft is hosting a game on March 28th. We're meeting at 610 central ave, Los Alamos at 11:00, for more details check out los alamos airsoft or albuquerque airsoft on facebook
15:23-- Milk: Nice
1:29-- blubbs2: When is 007?
20:54-- Adam: To the user that posted the religious message in the forums, it is not approved. Plus you copy pasted it from somewhere else. This is an airsoft site. If you wish to discuss this issue with me, message me. There are seriously better places on the internet to promulgate religious ideas.
20:42-- Adam: So i should remove Hinkle from the events?
17:04-- Kyle: Are we ever going to do hinkle again? We went last night to ask them and they said probably not.
4:37-- Krevs: Would it be ok to use a co2 revolver with .43g or heavier bbs if the fps ends up being 350 fps or less?
3:36-- blubbs2: Thank you!
3:35-- blubbs2: sorry :( but can you approve my profile picture?
3:32-- White_Skull: Bleh
3:17-- blubbs2: Oh nevermind I've never seen that button before
3:13-- blubbs2: What is "Thank you received"?
0:20-- Adam: approved
22:24-- Krevs: any moderators to chck my post??
1:03-- White_Skull: O.O
1:02-- White_Skull: Is it just me or does the timestamp thing look like GMT?!?
1:00-- White_Skull: Ok then off to Mass Effect before I have to hit the J O B thing.
0:57-- White_Skull: Or maybe its just me, haha
0:55-- White_Skull: Someone is
0:46-- patlewisnm: Anyone online?
5:39-- blubbs2: What time is beaver town tomorrow?
22:54-- White_Skull: :|
21:04-- blubbs2: I would be but I can't go :(
18:56-- Lancelotofcamelot: getting exited for copperhead anyone?
17:21-- Adam: If that doesn't work, try pressing F12 and then right click on the reload button and choose "hard reload".
17:08-- Adam: I fixed the css that caused the captcha to get stuck in the top area. You may need to clear the cache on your browser. If you're using chrome, hit ctrl+f5 .
11:25-- Gundoc: Adam, how does that work on first post? When I hit submit it says captcha not correct. I can see it buried under the forum banner. Nothing say anything like waiting for approval of moderator.
22:07-- Adam: First post will still get moderated by an ANM staff member. After that you're free and clear.
22:06-- Adam: Ok. Everything should be working now.
21:28-- Adam: Hold on, i'll take a look at the captcha issue. We had Russian spam bots hitting the site a few months ago and had to institute some strict counter measures.
23:36-- Gundoc: its very difficult (impossible) to post when you can't read nor enter the captcha!
23:23-- Gundoc: the forum banner covers the captcha. Whats up with that?
21:25-- Lancelotofcamelot: why thank you!
4:22-- Rockers: Reviewed and approved.

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